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Living the Lifestyle 24/7

Well you made it this far now you're asking yourself how can anyone live this Lifestyle all day every day, it's physically impossible to do it.

Yes to live what most people see as the lifestyle all day every day without a break is impossible, and before I get jumped on by my friends let me clarify that a bit, notice I said there "most people see as the Lifestyle".

That's because most people only see the kink or fetish aspect of the lifestyle, either from video's or magazines or the stag night parties with hired strippers. All they see are the girls on their knees wearing 6" heels and a collar, maybe some cuffs to match the little outfit they soon come out of seconds before the fake moaning begins. They see the physical side side of the girl/boy getting paddled or having some kind of sexual contact.

I don't care how many doses of erectile dysfunction medication or vitamins they have eventually the Dominant's arms will get tired and the paddling has to stop, they will need sleep, food or at least a bathroom sooner or later, and the commercials on the TV say seek medical attention if the erection lasts longer then 4 hours. Even the mechanically minded Dominant will have to stop a spanking machine sometime even if only to oil it's moving parts, and let's face it how much fun would They have if all that was left was a mindless blob of quivering moaning sub that They couldn't get a reaction out of any more.
Eventually the sub will have to get something to drink or at least something for a sore throat from all the moaning, they will have to use the bathroom sometime. They can't be hung upside down on a rotating cross forever and as for wearing nipple clamps all day every day, well there would be serious medical complications from having blood supply cut off for a prolonged amount of time.
We won't even get into if it's a male sub in a chastity device or having weights suspended from his genitals, or has them nailed to a board as I once saw.

This is where the biggest misconception comes in, where people not in the lifestyle get the most confusion I think.

Contrary to public knowledge the Lifestyle isn't all about the physical, it's more about the mental aspects of it then being spanked or flogged or anything else we know. It's the mental aspect of the Lifestyle we live 24/7/365, the mental submission of our will to a Dominant or the Dominant aspect of caring for a submissive.

That could be something as small as always getting up at a certain time or going to bed at a set time, eating 3 proper meals instead of snacking, eating fruit when what you really really crave is that big piece of chocolate cake.
It could be for the Dominant to make sure the bills are paid, the vehicle's oil change is done on time, that new item for the dungeon play party doesn't have one leg longer then the other and is unsafe.

It could be as big as the Dominant choosing where you're to live and you submitting to the choice made for you, not always easy to give in to the big decisions the way it is the small one's.

But with trust in each other it's possible to live the Lifestyle we know and love all day every day for the rest of our lives.


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